Manufacturing  Barcelona

Rock Army is a company specialized in the manufacture of protection and conditioning accessories for off-road and camper vehicles. Our work system is composed of three main pillars:

  • Computer aided design (CAD)
  • Manufacture by numerical control (CNC)
  • High quality handmade finish.

The result
of our effort, together with the enthusiasm with which we approach each challenge, is reflected in each of our products. From design, to construction and finishing. That is why our customers always trust us again in the following evolutions of their vehicles.

The proper characteristics that you will always find in a Rock Army product are:

Intelligent design. Designed to improve the off-road capabilities of your vehicle without forgetting the ease of installation, adjustment and of course, its behavior against collisions and intense work days.

An efficient mounting system. Our support systems are designed to block the stresses of each element when working and dissipate the fatigue transferred to the structure of your vehicle, especially in difficult situations. This aspect is of vital importance in bumpers due to the extreme tensions to which they are subjected in our hobby.

A robust construction. The combinations of thicknesses, ribs and reinforcement systems guarantee the resistance and durability of all our products.

A perfect fit All our products are manufactured using state-of-the-art numerical control machinery, which guarantees a perfect assembly of them on the vehicle. In addition, our support systems are adjustable, which will allow you to adjust our bumpers to your vehicle without problem taking into account their small differences or particularities.

A high quality finish. A good finish would not be possible without the hands of an artisan. That's why at Rock Army we finish all our products in an artisanal way, dedicating the necessary time to achieve a finish worthy of highlighting. In other words, we like to feel proud of what we make. So if you value good work and like to feel satisfied with your purchases, do not hesitate, you will recommend us.